Fast Results

I had a wonderful session with Graham recently and I have experienced results from the second day of listening to his recording. It’s been 3 weeks now and I have sustained a positive focus on my professional goals.

I am amazed at how the regression scenes didn’t seem to be related to the issue I was having now. With Grahams’ guidance and patience, a solution was found and I am free of my past.

Anyone looking to gain solutions for personal or professional issues would be wise to have a session with Graham. My session was done by Zoom and it works!!!

I give it 5 stars. My session was done by Zoom and it works!!!

Steve Burt, USA

Able to reach my goals now!

Thank you for our recent face-to-face session, I have been listening to the recording and my confidence is increasing and I am feeling so much better about myself.
I feel that I will definitely be able to reach my goals and be able to achieve whatever I set my mind to.

Sue, Townsville

Free Finally!

I am finally free there is no fear anymore, our session showed me that I had everything I always needed within myself, I will be forever grateful, my life and my outlook on life has completely changed.

Thank you for everything.

Casey, Townsville

The session with Graham was Transformational

I was rather apprehensive when I went to see Graham about an RTT session as I had no idea what was involved. I had reached a point in my life where I was very emotionally fragile and had been like this for most of my adult life. I felt comfortable with Graham and we worked through the session.

The session has helped me find ‘the me’ that I had lost many years previously. I now feel I am Enough and no longer feel helpless. The session with Graham was Transformational.

It has now been nearly 3 months since my session with Graham and I am getting emotionally stronger everyday and I feel absolutely wonderful within myself.
I would highly recommend seeing Graham.

I will be forever grateful to Graham
Jane, Townsville.

Moving Forward with Life

I recently had an RTT session with Graham Cotter. It was in relation to helping me make a shift in my mindset to allow myself to be open for a new relationship to be attracted into my life again.

Since listening to my personal recording for over 21 days now, I can attest to a breakthrough with how I see myself. I am more confident within myself, I treat myself with more respect, I know and feel I am worthy enough, whereas prior to this it was not a priority in my life.

The session gave me a profound understanding of why my relationships appeared to attract the wrong men which did not serve me. I feel first and foremost a happier person and secondly, I know I will attract and am very aware of who I am wanting to have in my life. I have more self-esteem and am liking the person I am becoming.

Thank you, Graham, for my session which has significantly changed my outlook on myself and on my life moving forward.

I would recommend Graham to help people who are seeking support to make a shift in their lives. Contact Graham today, he was helpful also to have a pre-session with me initially to help me understand what to expect and any other queries I wanted to be answered before booking my session.

T. Brenner, NZ.

Roslyn Palmer

In my business life I draw on what I learned from my parents, and life in the cut-throat world of London agencies in the 90s.

Graham has created a holy grail for his readers in this book that is infused with the same kind of advice and with the same scope and breadth of understanding.
He can help you to navigate a challenging world and be a business success.

This book is powerful in its simplicity and infused with humour and life-advice. Heaven knows we all need a laugh along the way, don’t we?

One marketing and business term I like is ROI or return on investment. The return you stand to gain on the small monetary investment in this brilliant book is immense.

Here’s to also remembering to not suck the pencils along the way.

Rosalyn Palmer -Award-winning Transformational Coach & Therapist. Bestselling author. Broadcaster. Speaker. Columnist.

Bloody Brillient

The book is filled with so many insights I wish I had years ago. And its funny too.

Pete, Mt Isa

Love the way it just makes you want to read

I love what you done with your book it is amazing have just about read it all. Love the way it just makes you want to read the flow is wonderful.
Well done my darling so proud of you.

Lappy, Townsville

Solid Gold

Graham has created a phenomenal resource. “Don’t Suck the Pencils” is just filled with sage business advice. Highly recommended.

K. Hernrst, Brisbane

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